Make sure all the documents are organized. Sometimes, people forget to check that the documents that guarantee them as owners of the property have an essential part to be an authentic owner of a real estate. Did you miss the deed? Check if you have a simple copy of the deed or with a receipt that proves its existence or indicates the number of a deed, date, and notarization before which it was granted. If you don’t have them you have two options below:

The Notary Public that issued the said deed or to the file of the notary to request a certified copy, with payment of rights. In the document will appear the last owner and its title of property, therefore, the number of the deed, its date and the notary that registered it. With this information, you can request a certified copy. All the cities of the country have an autonomous body that keeps the record of real estate. The cost to recover your deeds varies according to the entity and notary.

Do you live in a house that you inherited without being awarded?

The adjudication of the inheritance is the last step in a succession trial. To adjudge an inheritance is to transfer the property of the deceased to the heirs. Thus it is credited to the society and the authorities who owns it. If this is not done, the deceased will continue to appear as the owner of the property. When there is no will, an in testamentary succession has to be processed. To do this, it must be verified whether there were children, inside or outside the marriage (does not affect that condition as long as they are recognized) and wife and under what year they married: separation of property or conjugal partnership. By having this information, you will know which percentage corresponds to each one of the heirs.

In succession, it is the judge or notary – according to the provisions of the U.S. Code – who determines the heirs. The first step is to make an inventory of assets, the valuation of them and a project of a partition that has to be approved by the judge or notary in your case. Next, a board of heirs is summoned to appoint the executor who will represent the succession and will handle all the trial.

Once the documents are approved, the inheritance is awarded. It should be noted that neither the spouse nor the children have priority, it is a matter of percentages. If you aim to have a smooth flow of your real estate transaction, you can get aid from some of the escrow services in Jacksonville, FL.

Is the property not registered in the Property Registry?

Most of the time, the first owner of the asset usually omit the procedure for lack of interest, in that sense, the authorities can not force him to make the registration. When there are no deeds, it is possible that the property is not registered either. It can be a land without construction or a clear division of adjoining zones, but that does not mean that the asset is not yet identified. The most important thing of the public deed is that it correctly states the property right.

The deed, when registering property, gives it an advertising character that recognizes you as owner in front of everyone. If the property is not registered, the contract of sale will be valid only between buyer and seller. Getting assistance from some title services in Jacksonville, FL is suggested for this matter. To register a real property before the offices of the Property Registry, it is necessary to accompany with a public or private document, whether title deed, public deed or private contract of the following documentation:

  • Survey
  • Certificate of registration with the Property Registry
  • Appraisal on the property
  • Income Tax Return
  • And other related documents as advised by your lawyer

As you can see the most difficult phase in real estate has a solution. Take these tips into account to guard your assets.

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